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Goddard Studios is known for its outstanding and original photography for weddings, engagements, fashion, as well as family portraits, individual-, children- and commercial photography. Goddard Studios photographers Anna and Collin have connections with the best wedding coordinators in the country and have shot weddings at the most prestigious venues and exotic places in the world. They also work with many of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles and have guided and placed many people- from kids up to adults- in agencies after having photographed them. Many of them have gone on to have very successful careers. Anna and Collin, both having worked all over the globe in front- and behind the camera, understand style, "the right moment" and true photo journalism. They both have extensive Photoshop and graphic arts experience and knowledge, turning each great picture they take into an even greater picture. The wedding albums they turn out are always original and true pieces of art. Collin and Anna have type A and B personalities, they are "Jing and Jang" unless it has anything to do with photography. They have been married and have successfully worked together for 20+ years. They got married (both) at a very young age in Las Vegas and have no- not one- photograph of their own wedding. This is probably one other reason they got into wedding photography, to make sure this wouldn't happen to anybody else! They call each other "Doc", but are not exactly sure how or when that happened or why that is. Collin and Anna have the same approach to photography, understand style and pay attention to every detail. They push each other each and every day to get better and better. They both love their jobs. They are the proud parents of 2 beautiful children (7 and 14) and their Newfoundland dog Sasha, and operate their photography business from beautiful Laguna Beach California, where they live as well.

Laguna-Beach-Family-Photographer ~ Great Times at 1000 Steps

Can’t expect of 6 and 7 year old boys to just pose… They need to play, let off steam, wrestle, and just be boys. This is why my sessions are always so fun for all involved, including me  🙂

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Photographer: Anna Goddard

Laguna Beach Photographer: Tracy in Downtown Laguna

It was such a pleasure to shoot Tracy! A girl full of energy, fun and so sweet! Besides being able to play piano and guitar, she also is a major jock! She’s only a freshman and is already on the varsity team for volleyball AND tennis!! What I loved about shooting Tracy, was that she moved wonderfully!. She took my direction extremely well and wasn’t afraid to walk, twirl and dance around in downtown Laguna! Such fun!

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